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Erosion Control Milford PAErosion control is one of the most basic, fundamental aspects of any landscaping or construction project. Without proper planning for erosion control and stormwater management, both the worksite and the surrounding properties are at risk of costly damage, and the potentially serious environmental impact can result in fines and the type of publicity you don’t want.

It is important to enlist an experienced specialist knowledgeable in the science of erosion control to mitigate these potential issues. The team at Lattimore Construction is available to provide a variety of erosion control methods, and ensure proper application to protect the worksite from future erosion in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania tri-state area.

Some of our erosion control measures include:

If you are in need of someone to plan and manage erosion control at your construction site, please give Lattimore Construction a call at 570.296.5369. We will be happy to work with you so that the erosion control aspects of your construction project are handled expertly and efficiently, so you are able to focus on other matters.

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